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The “democratic-friendly” and “society-friendly” plans of the government are no news. They were concentrated in the most articulate way, in the government vice president’s, Mr Pagkalos,’ memorable quote “Midterm or tanks”. The usual if not the only representative of the government, the police, has well consolidated them and is putting them to action with exemplary dedication.

Witnessing this, there is yesterday’s repressive delirium, the chemical warfare till dawn against all protesters – even when they danced-. Today’s new assault to the human blockages of the roads, the adductions. the beating, and hundreds of injuries of bare handed protesters (students, journalists, the president of POE OTA and a municipality of Zografou council member included), the evacuation of the square plan with all means, is validating the conclusion: This government cannot – and whishes not- to survive in Democracy. But we can!

Therefore the people, all of us, we will not abandon our fight despite all these! We rearrange more decisively, we flood the streets, we encircle the parliamentary “majority” of mafia and blackmailers. We repel with our body the fascistic imposture on our lives and we take back from the hands of the military government followers, (the police), all those brave who take their lives in their hands. For all society, for every human being that lives and breaths in this country, the mid term agreement has been blackballed.

This dismal and discredited government, even if it is helped to escape from its army, even if it searches secret passage ways from the dead end in disguise, it will in the end come face to face with itself. The king is so bare that no police mantle can be used as a fig leaf for their payroll “democracy”!

Nor Midterm neither Tanks

The fight for freedom and democracy continues.

We will not go unless they leave!

Now WE talk with the right is on our side…



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