Their destiny is frustration, ours is victory!

Thousands of protesters have responded and participated to the call of syndicates and  the “indignados” movement of the squares, for a 48 hour general strike in order to succeed in the “cancellation” of the mid term agreement on the street.

With the air that distinguishes those who have the right on their side and with only defensive shield our bodies and determination, we have gathered in front of the bastion of shame (the Parliament) at Syntagma square.  Our voices were united with the voices of the many and decided indignados from Kalamata and all Peloponnese, Corfu and Hania.. United with those from Thessaloniki and all northern Greece, with all these, and they are many, who do not withstand the ending of their lives succumbing to the false dilemmas of the government, the Troika and the bankers.

The police’s attitude, in their role as the repressive branch of the memorandum and the mid term agreement politics – although totally expected- is totally outrageous: blistering shooting of teargas (even at the location of the first aid station of the square), protesters injuries (over 270), encirclement and threat of evacuation of our premises, gymnastic demonstrations of chemical and military fist.

In vain…

The people, all of us, bypassing and overcoming the repressive fallout and the political environmental destruction we have taken matters into our own hands!

It was about time! Playing football, dancing, playing music, creating human chains in the center of the square we took back our square forcing the police to retreat! Despite the drain of chemicals, the crowd of demonstrators insists: We will not leave unless they leave!

And a reminder!

Those who choke us with teargas, they will drown in our indignation! We continue our 48 hours on the road!

• Everyone at the concert at 19.30.

• The Memorandi fall!

• It is either US or THEM

And since the right is on our side to this particular dilemma the answer is: US!

Till the victory!

Peoples assembly of Syntagma square


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